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Jersey Club Music Style - The secret behind NewJeans’ global popularity*?!~

When talking about club music, "Club Music" is often misunderstood as a genre that encompasses dance music in general. However, from an arranging point of view, "Club Music" mainly refers to the Baltimore club and its spin-off Jersey club (as well as the Philly club). Jersey club is even one of the most popular genres at the moment, symbolizing an uplifting party atmosphere. Jersey club can also be found in the music of many artists and bands such as Drake and NewJeans.

Tight drums, cut-up vocals, and a constant looped beat are some of the most iconic features of Bmore Club. With the addition of bass and synth, a raw, wild energy is created, and Bmore Club's style is considered to be a fusion of hip-hop, house music, and breakbeat.

Jersey Club is a spin-off of Bmore club; it has a slightly slower tempo. Jersey club maintains Bmore club's dense and cyclical beats but incorporates more elements of house music and R&B. Synths and chord progressions are more commonly used to enhance the melodic nature of the tracks and result in a smoother, more upbeat vibe.

You might be surprised by adding Jersey Club's elements to your music!

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