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Flashback Concert 2023

Updated on 22/09/2023

tep into a time warp at the Flashback concert on November 8th, 2023, at the Whiskey Theater, Ocean Park, Hong Kong. Experience the magic of the 1970s as we journey through iconic songs in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, blending our own creations seamlessly. Join us for an unforgettable musical celebration where boundaries disappear, and the power of music reigns supreme.

Lineup: Amanda Lam, Sky Wong, Chiling, Oscar Tong

Flashback Concert Lineup
Flashback Concert Lineup

Amanda Lam, a freelance singer, will captivate the audience with her heartfelt original song "從零終止(From Zero to End)", written by Wanwan and composed by Oscar through the NovBee platform. This song delves into the complexities of love. Additionally, Amanda will join Oscar for a brand new rendition of "How Deep Is Your Love," and surprise the audience with another secret song.

Sky Wong, a multi-talented singer, will showcase his original composition "輕快人生 (EZ Life)", co-created by 沛霖 and composed by Aaron on the NovBee platform. This upbeat track captures the essence of an easygoing life. There will be a meme version of video released during the concert. Sky will further delight the audience with a classic Cantonese song and an exciting new version of "Top of the World" together with Chiling.

Chiling, another remarkable singer, will captivate the audience with her debut original song, "重疊紀念日" written by Vincent and Yerassyl on the NovBee platform, this groundbreaking composition is the first song collaborating across countries blending EDM and Cantonese elements, resulting in a fresh and innovative style of Cantonese music. Chiling will also pay homage to the 2010s with a performance of the song "The Show", evoking nostalgic memories of audiences.

Oscar Tong, not only the composer of the original song "從零終止 (From Zero to End)", but also an experienced producer and singing coach, will bring his wealth of expertise to the stage, delivering captivating performances in his unique style.

The T-shirt

Get your hands on our exclusive Flashback-themed T-shirt, designed to capture the essence of our flashback concept and concert. The front showcases the power of music to visualize ideas, while the back represents the boundless nature of music across time. Embrace the universal language of music and proudly wear this unique garment.

Flashback Black Tshirt
Flashback Black Tshirt

Flashback White Tshirt
Flashback White Tshirt

🐝NovBee is dedicated to facilitate the creativity industry innovations through collaboratively working on music creation, we have now gathered more than 900 musicians and audiences to co-create on our platform.

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