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In NovBee, we love making things with others. We started by making music with everyone, and now we've made a fun mobile game called MeloBee!

MeloBee is a special game because it was designed with our friends Ceci, Janise, and Jeffrey. Brian, who's great with game programming, made sure the game works smoothly. It's a game for people who enjoy a good challenge.


Find the Notes, Watch out for Tricks!

When you play MeloBee, you're trying to find the right music notes to make a great song. But it's not so easy! Some players are spies who try to mess up the music by adding wrong notes and using tricks to confuse the musicians.


Can you figure out who the spies are?

Every Game is a New Adventure 

In MeloBee, you never know if you'll be a musician or a spy until the game starts. This makes every game a surprise and a brand new adventure.


Choose Your Instrument, Play Your Way

Ready to mix things up? Pick a special weapon like a Baton, Violin, or Flute. Each one has its own cool power that can help you win or stop the other players from finishing their mission.

Free on iOS - Download and Play Today

The best part? MeloBee is free to play on iOS now!


So grab your phone, download the game, and start playing today!

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