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Audio Extraction

What is the subscription procedure? You can select the quantity of 10 minutes you would like to buy. Once you purchase, an activation code will be sent to your email. Copy the activation code and paste it to the token ID field, MuseBee is here for you right off.

How are the minutes deducted from my balance? It is deducted by your audio length. For example, if your balance is 10 mins and you uploaded an audio length that is 3 mins. During extraction, you choose one separation method: instruments & vocals. Your new balance will be 10mins - 3mins = 7mins. We made it very simple for you.

What is the token ID and where can I find it? Token ID is a unique code assigned to each premium user. With its help, you can activate your package on MuseBee. The key can be found in our purchase email. Once you have spent all minute credits of your pack, you need to purchase another pack to continue using premium features.

What is the expiration date of the Flexi Plan? The expiration date for the value plan is 90 days after payment (receiving the activation email). However, you can extend the expiration date by renewing your existing token to get an 90-day duration.

How to extract vocal / instruments from a song? Firstly, you need to upload the file you want for extraction, then you can select which stems to extract from the file (vocal / instruments). Once selected, click "extract" and wait for the result!

Can I upload more than a file at the same time? No, MusBee can only take up to one file currently.

What is the maximium size of a uploading file? The maximum size of a file is 50MB.

Will the unused minutes be accumulated to the next period? You can accumulate the unused minutes to the next period only if you renew the plan befor the end of the current period.

Is there customer support available? Yes, we dedicate to providing you a smooth MuseBee experience. If you have any question, you can contact us by sending an email to

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