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Progressive House: An evolution of EDM.

When you think of electronic music, does it remind you of pure music like EDM that makes you dance and get excited? In fact, electronic music is not only limited to pure music; in recent years, there have been many famous singers and electronic music producers writing songs together, creating different styles, and one of them is Progressive House, which is a fusion of Trance, House, and Vocal to create a new kind of music. Some well-known artists include Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, and Zedd.

Progressive House is a type of House that originated in Chicago in the 1980s, mixing elements of Funk, Soul, and Disco music. Most houses are made up of drums in 4/4 time with a bassline, and on top of that, various electronic instruments are added to create sounds and samples. The music is characterized by excitement and positive feelings, making it ideal for use in party settings.

Progressive means progressive and stacked, making the whole song sound like a storyteller, with a simple melody stacked progressively at the beginning, and the chorus brings the mood to the highest point. Although Progressive House is said to be a mix of different styles and vocals, it doesn't necessarily have to have vocals, but vocals make up about 80% of Progressive House. Producers will also find famous singers to collaborate with so that more people who don't have much exposure to electronic music will be aware of Progressive House.

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