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How MuseBee - AI Audio Stem Extractor makes your life easier?

Our AI Audio Stem Extractor, MuseBee, makes it easier for you to make covers at home. You can extract instrumental parts from a song by isolating vocals and adding your voice to create a new cover.

Beyond its advantages in making covers easier at home, our tool is useful for DJs looking to innovate with remixes. It empowers them to extract the instrumental portions of a track to create remixes. Moreover, it aids in extracting particular components from recordings, which can then be repurposed as samples in crafting original compositions.

Additionally, our tool can be used for music training. For example, beginner drummers can extract the drum parts from a song and use them as a guide for practice, offering an economical training aid. This feature is not limited to instruments; it also works for vocal tracks.

Moreover, you can effortlessly create karaoke tracks via the tool. Choose a song you like, extract the instrumental music without the vocals, and you're ready to sing along. You can enjoy karaoke at home whenever you wish.

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