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NovBee's first collaboratively created original song

Composer: Oscar Tong 湯皓深

Lyricist: Wan Wan

Vocalist: Amanda Lam 林靜文

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Oscar Tong 湯皓深

This song's style is influenced by Korean love songs. It feels like a TV theme music and is more focused with the blend of instruments and songs. Oscar hopes the song has a stronger visual sense and is more emotive.

It mostly expresses the feeling of a passage that begins and ends gently, like autumn, or recalls some things, such as love or a small sigh of life. Oscar hopes that the lyrics will be more lovely, and that the message will come through to bring the listener a little thought on the nuances of life.

The vocalist is professional and has an airy, gentle and textured voice to portray this song. 



Wan Wan

This lyric is about embracing the unknown love; perhaps you and I have faced the dread of getting wounded and not being brave.

If fate guided our decision from the start, I would attempt to accept the outcome with a smile.

Beginning from scratch is another instance of bravery. Please enjoy the song~




"There was a relationship that ended because we were terrified of losing it, worried that the outcome would not be as expected."

"If you are going through the same thing, I hope this song will help you get through the day till you find the next person that loves you."

True love will always arrive, and the anxiety you feel now might be the darkness before the dawn. 

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