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輕快人生 (EZ Life)

NovBee's second collaboratively created original song

Independent Production House: NovBee Limited

Composer: Aaron Chan

Lyricist: 沛霖

Vocalist: Sky W

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Aaron Chan

Breaking out of the framework of ordinary popular love songs, I used a lighter tone in the arrangement, with a fresh feeling.

"This song is inspired by busy lifestyle, it is not uncommon to see that people are extremely tired after school or work. It may create a huge pressure inadvertently."

"Therefore, it is hoped that people can think more in a positive way in their daily life as well as release stress though listening this song ."

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"Although the lyrics seem to be full of unsatisfactory things, as long as you treat it with a different attitude, problem will be solved."

“The lyrics also contain unconstrained elements, it leads people to a world full of fantasy and put all the troubles away immediately .”

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Sky W

“The tone of this song is relaxing, it makes me feel like becoming a carefree child and playing around without limits.”

“I hope everyone who listens to this song can feel the same with me.Enjoy!”

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